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5 Greatest Travel Destinations In The World

The world evolves every day and something new always crops up. However, there are places that have been able to stand the test of time and remain the favorites of all travel destinations. If you are looking for a good place to spend your holiday or have business class travels to, here are places that ought not to be missing in your list:

1. New York

Hudson River & 34th street  just before dawn

This is undoubtedly the most famous city in the world. Although, Washington DC is the capital of the United States, New York has proven to be the city that everyone talks about. Commonly referred to as ‘the big apple’ or ‘the city that never sleeps’, you are sure to find activities that will suit all your needs. You could take a visit to the famous Times Square building by day and have some fun in the many luxurious clubs in the city. New York is sure to keep you busy all day, every day, visiting the different attraction sites it has to offer. In addition, if you want to find rest, there are great five-star hotels around the city to relax in, as well as resorts and spa. You can literally find anything you need in New York.

2. Paris

While New York is more of a fun destination, Paris is one that has romance spelt all over it. Known as the city of love, numerous couples from all over the world chose this city in France as their first choice when it comes to honeymoon destinations. Paris is also the place to go for couples who are seeking to regenerate their romance and spark. Apart from the romance, Paris is also home to one of the most renowned buildings in the whole world. You cannot visit Paris and fail to visit the Eiffel tower, built over one hundred years ago as the gateway entrance to the World Fair. It brags the accolade of most visited paid monument in the whole world.

3. London

This is the city of civilization, where the English dialect originated from, where the royal family lives. While Britain is the country that has the most colonies before countries gained their independence, you can be sure to find this entire heritage packed up in the capital of Britain, which is London. This is the city where a river flows through it. The Thames River is the longest river in England and it is quite the spectacle, one of the world longest rivers flowing through one of the world’s grandest cities. It also brags with the best hotels in the entire world, all having their uniqueness intact.

4. Italy

Italy is a country full of its own heritage. It may have achieved civilization but has still held on to civilization. Even their pronunciation and accent of the English language shows their authenticity remains. While Paris is for love, the country of Italy is known for fashion, especially its capital, Milan. While Paris has its famous building which is the Eiffel tower, Italy has one of its own, the leaning tower of Pisa which is literally tilted. It also has the famous Colosseum, an ancient amphitheatre for chariot racing. It is also home of famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, thus be sure to find magnificent art exhibitions and museums in Italy.

5. Las Vegas

When it comes to entertainment and wild parties, Las Vegas takes the day (also a city in the United States). While Paris is an obvious destination for honeymoons, Las Vegas is now the equivalent when it comes to bachelor parties. It brags of the world best and biggest casinos. Here you find the wildest parties and the biggest gambling. Despite being a city in the middle of the desert, it also boasts of the most beautiful water displays in the worlds, with water fountains of different designs and fashions all around the city. If you are a big spender wanting a sensual experience, there is no better place for you than Las Vegas

Every destination has its own lovers as seen above. There are many other destinations e.g. China and Thailand for interesting Asian culture and ancient civilization, Tahiti for a Caribbean Latin experience and even Africa for that nature trip with both plants and animals. All in all, there is no travel need of yours that this world cannot meet!


Using Mapquest

londonMapQuest is an online service provider that deals with provision of web mapping. The service-providing firm is currently under the management and ownership of AOL. Formation and introduction of the company transpired in 1967 and at the time, it focused on cartographic services.

Moreover, during the time, the company provided cartographic services in Chicago as a segment of R.R Donnelley & Sons. In 1994, the company became independent and changed its name to Geosystems Global Corporation. American Online Inc. took over the company in 2000. Presently, the firm has its headquarters in Denver and has another office in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

The history of the firm dates back to 1980s when generation of maps commenced under supervision of Donnelley. The maps aimed at providing routes and directions to individuals visiting certain places. Donnelley generated maps with the cooperation of Barry Glick. The name of the company, mapquest, emerged in 1999 as a brand used to differentiate it from other companies and give it a patent.

Some of the services that the company provides include maps and directions of various cities and places in the world using the internet. The firm focuses on the use of modern technology so that it can serve the modern consumers, who are dynamic and trendy. World Atlas and MapQuest mobile are among the services offered by the company. World Atlas provides directions and locations of cities, towns, and parts of the world. The service uses landmarks and popular buildings to ensure that potential clients enjoy good and high quality services.

In addition, MapQuest Mobile is very instrumental to individuals, who intent to travel to cities using personal or hired cars as self-drivers. The importance of the service to drivers is because of its ability to offer directions concerning driving directions to mobile phones that have the capacity of accessing the internet.

The Burana Tower

burana side viewOn the beautiful plains around the Kyrgyzstan capital of Bishkek lays the 25 meter tower. This tower is refered to as the Burana Tower which is the last remains of Balasagum, a city formed by Sogdians which later became to be the capital of the Turkic Kara Khanids in the last phases of the 19th century. The Kara Khanids had much influence towards introducing Islam to the people of central Asia but unfortunately met their end at the Mongot battle in the 13th century.

The Burana tower was constructed much later, constructed on the area of the ruined city during the 11th century. This tower was twice as high but unfortunately earthquakes over the years have reduced it to its current height of 25 meters. It has nice and welcoming colors and its red bricks are arranged in intricate patterns and brad band that are geometric in shape.

Amazingly, the opening of this tower is not found on the ground, but a few meters above the ground through a metal staircase. Inside the tower you will find a steep spiral staircase that goes up to the last remaining structure of an abandoned city.

Close by you will find the balbals field which has Turkic totem shape stone markers that were carved around 6th and 10th century. Ancient stories say that a king at one time locked up his daughter so as to keep her safe from the curse of a witch which stated that she would die when she turned 18, but unfortunately a spider that was poisonous went into the tower with some food meant for the princess, bit her and she died.

This is a popular destination for the locals who love picnics under the trees shade. Children also love to play in this place not forgetting getting donkey rides. Kyrgyzstan is an amazing country that has spectacular natural views, a good place for trekking not forgetting the friendly and hospitable people. It is also a good place to see and learn vignettes of a rich historic architecture.

Buying your first Britax Baby seat and travelling safe

car seatBuying your first baby seat can be a difficult task, it something you need to do before your baby is born too. A lot of people forget that they will need a baby seat even if they don’t actually own a car – why? Well you need to transport your new born back home from the hospital and in a safe seat. Baby seats are very important buys when you plan on doing any sort of travelling, and seeing as you have a new born you will be doing a lot of travelling to family, doctors, nurseries etc.

Although borrowing a baby seat or even buying a cheap second hand baby may sound like a good idea well respected experts suggest buying new. The reason for this is because you can guarantee the seat has never been in a crash, its not been mistreated and its comes straight from the factory. Any small difference in the structure of the baby seat can lead to its safety features not working as well.

Choosing the best baby seat is critical as some models will only support up to a maximum weight, I suggest you research any baby seat and make sure it is also fitted professionally. Britax baby seats are arguably considered the best baby seats on the market, with one of the best baby seats being the Britax Marathon.

I highly suggest reading some of the britax comparison guides for baby seats and making an informed decision on what model is best, also YouTube can be a great website for watching video reviews of baby seats straight from other Mothers and Fathers.

Which ever model or brand of baby seat you choose its always best to speak to other parents that you know as they may have some insight into what is best for your exact situation.

Kyrgyzstan Revealed

beautful shot

Kyrgyzstan is a state located in central Asia and borders China. It became independent when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. For its energy needs, it relies mostly on imports but it some gas and oil as well as a developing gold mining sector. Resentment at poverty that was widespread and ethnic divisions between south and north resulted in violence and the first two pose Soviet presidents in the country were swept from power because of popular discontent. Before the Soviet Rule the country was under several regional powers. Its democratic credentials were relatively strong but after independence there was rise of nepotism and corruption under President Akayev diminishing democratic freedoms. Other important details you should know about the country include:


There are numerous options people have when they want to get in and about the country as travel in kyrgyzstan is easy. The most popular means of transportation for people who want to get into the country is by plane. Depending on where a person is coming from, they can also use train, cars or buses. Once you are in the country, there is an option of local flights if this is your preferred mode of travel. In addition to this, you can also explore other travel options such as trains, taxis, buses, biking, heliskiing, hitchhiking, horseback riding and driving around where you can choose the one that you are most comfortable with.


Kyrgyzstan cuisine is a product of its long history of pastoral nomadism that is generally meat based. Meat dishes here can be quite overwhelming and people who prefer vegetables may be forced to buy their own fresh fruits and vegetables from the numerous stands as well as food bazaars that are located in the country or they may be forced to make do with tea and bread or just frequent Chinese restaurants. The national soup dish is known as besh barmark where a horse or sheep is slaughtered and then boiled in a large pot. This is normally served as a 1st course. From here the meat is then divided between the persons who are sharing a table. There are times when the social status of a person determines the size of meat they get. Eyes and head are normally reserved for guests of honor. The meat that remains is normally mixed with onions and noodles and people eat with hands or using spoons and forks. Almost all the meals in the country are accompanied by lepeshka a circular loaf of bread and either black or green tea.


The capital of kyrgyzstan is Bishkek. It is located at the Chui Valley and has a population of about a million people. It is the largest city in the country and one of the major cities in Central Asia. The main language here is Russian but there are also very many multi-nationals who reside here. The city has very many places that are used for recreation including museums, places where people can learn about the history of the place and monuments that point out the traditional culture of the country and many more. Because of its numerous avenues and parks it is considered one of the greenest cities in the globe making it a nice place to live in.

Answering Questions about Islam

mosqueLooking at the conflicts and agreements in the Christian and Islamic faiths, the first question that may easily pop up on your mind is”What do Muslims believe about Jesus Christ?” If you took a closer and critical look, you’ll realize that Islam and Christianity share so much in common. However there are several areas at which these leading religions don’t quite agree in full. Take the part of Jesus for example. In the Christian faith Jesus is revered as the son of God that came into the world to die on the cross to offer a sacrifice that would be sufficient to reconcile sinful man back to God. Though regarded as the one and only possible gate way to heaven by Christians, lets see what Muslims say about him.

Also known as Isa Ibn Maryam, Jesus is also well recognized in Islam but not in a holy and reverent way like Christians. Muslims only regard Jesus as a great Messenger of God. He is the Messiah or al-Masih whom God sent to offer spiritual guidance to the children of Israel through al-Injil or the Gospel. It is believed Jesus received al-injil from God just the way Prophet Mohammed received the Qur’an. However this doesn’t make the whole Bible or even New Testament acceptable in Islam because they believe it has been corrupted through the revisions over the years. Every true Muslim is required to hold onto the belief that Jesus is a God’s prophet as it is with every other prophet featured in the Qur’an. As a prophet of God, Jesus prominently features in the Qur’an and in all appears in 93 verses or ayaat. Although the prophets Moses, Noah and Adam appear more times Jesus still stands out. It is stated that he was conceived by Maryam or Mary in a miraculous way by the decree of Allah. Allah also anointed Prophet Isa Ibn Maryam with a miraculous ability to resurrect the dead, restore sight for the blind and heal incurable diseases among other super human feats.

While Jesus crucifixion is the most important event in the Christian faith, Muslims sharply differ with this belief and state that he was never crucified. Instead God presented the enemies with someone who resembled Jesus to execute in his place. Islam considers Jesus a Muslim and unapologetic ally rejects the Trinitarian Christian doctrine that he was God’s son or God incarnate. They believe that he was mortal man in every aspect and like other prophets, he God divinely chose him to spread His good news to the whole world beginning with the children of Israel. Islam rejects the Trinity because the Qur’an regards Allah as one and strictly forbids any human association or partnership with Him.
“Do Muslims believe in Jesus” is a question that continues to linger upon many people’s mind but a deeper reflection on this content with some further personal research will serve you with the proper and satisfactory answers.

Travel Tip: Save your back with a Kneeling Chair

bad backBody posture is one factor that should be considered throughout life if an individual is to maintain a healthy back, if not then a portable kneeling chair can be of use. Many different varieties of these products are available so be sure to check out Rankings of Knee Stools at Modeets.

There are a number of activities that we undertake on a daily basis that can cause a bad back. These include sitting postures, sleeping positions and putting too much strain on the body. For a healthy back the correct posture should be adopted.

Traveling is one of the activities that puts a strain on the body especially when too much or no physical movement is involved. To keep a healthy back there are several factors that should be considered.

Traveling often involves sleeping in new and unfamiliar locations such as motels and lodges. In many of these establishments the mattresses may have seen better days, pillows may be stiff or there may non at all, the beds may be creaky too. This lack of comfort may cause a traveler to develop back pains. Pillow positioning can aid in abating the discomfort. Place the pillows under the knee while sleeping, this slight elevation of the knees causes the back to be flat on the bed surface.

kneeling chairExtended hours of driving, despite being likely to cause road accidents, should be avoided because the driver sits in the same position for long hours. Drivers should always ensure that they take breaks from the road while traveling. Sitting erect and avoiding leaning forward also go a long way in maintaining a healthy back when traveling by car. A portable Modeets kneeling posture stool can help a driver a lot as the body muscles are active when using it unlike in a car when they become stiff.

Travelers should also check the luggage that they are traveling with. It is advisable to carry only the necessary luggage to avoid the strain on the back caused by heavy lifting. Travelers should otherwise ensure to keep the back straight when lifting luggage or heavy objects.
Of utmost importance especially to long distance drivers is the portable kneeling chair as it can aid in improving posture.